Wake Up the Tolerance

In June 16-24, 2024 a study visit was organized within the Erasmus + project “Wake Up the Tolerance”, which involved young people from Ukraine, Poland, Turkey, and Serbia. All participants have already returned home, having gained transformative experience and developed skills for living in a multicultural environment where peace, mutual understanding and tolerance should prevail. This happened thanks to the fruitful work of Young Europeans.

Three students majoring in English and translation took part in the programme and we are happy to share with you their feedback:

“We recently participated in the Erasmus project “Wake up the Tolerance” in Poronin, Poland, which exceeded our expectations. The trip offered a chance to engage in team-building games and activities with participants from Poland, Serbia, and Turkey, helping us learn about various cultures. We made friends and cherished warm memories throughout our stay.

During the project, we visited Muzeum Tatrzańskie, formerly a prison, and climbed a mountain on the same day. A cultural evening allowed each country to present their culture and share traditional sweets. We concluded our stay with group performances in Zakopane addressing societal issues.

This experience was invaluable. We improved our English and honed our communication skills. Meeting and interacting with people of different ethnicities was a highlight, and the project encouraged us to be more open and social.”

Wake Up the Tolerance
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