The Department of Foreign Philology is actively involved in the international activities of Chernihiv Polytechnic National University. In addition to providing oral translation during the visit of foreign guests, teachers of the department also participate in international projects and programs.

Erasmus+ KA2

Promoting professional education and students engagement through comprehensive mentoring and tutoring system in HEIs

The project is aimed at strengthening the potential of Ukrainian and Georgian universities in providing comprehensive and effective professional training of students to reduce the discrepancy between educational outcomes and labor market requirements by developing and implementing an innovative system of mentoring/tutoring in universities based on the joint experience of the Consortium partners.
The project is focused on developing and testing algorithms to establish effective interaction between academic and non-academic environments to improve youth employment, as well as to develop cooperation and exchange between universities and their wider social and economic environment.

Associate professor of the Department of Foreign Philology, Hanna Dyvnych is included in the team on developing the tutoting scheme for first-year students.

English for universities

The British Council project “English for Universities” was aimed to help Ukrainian higher education institutions develop sustainable English teaching practices, implement English language standards in universities and improve language teaching and learning. Implementation period – 2014-2018.

Teachers of the department were trained within the “schools” of the program on the development of teaching skills. As a result, the working programs of the disciplines “Foreign language for specific purpos” were updated, the latest methods of teaching a foreign language in non-linguistic institutions of higher education were introduced.

Norway-Ukraine. Professional adaptation. Integration into the state system

In 2016, the university joined the project “Ukraine – Norway. Retraining and social adaptation of servicemen and members of their families in Ukraine “, which in 2020 was continued as part of a new project “Norway-Ukraine. Professional adaptation. Integration into the state system”.

The aim of the project is to effectively implement the model of professional adaptation of servicemen, veterans and members of their families in the state system of Ukraine.

Since 2016, the Department of Foreign Languages for Specific Purposes has been providing translation services during visits by official delegations from Norway and foreign teachers.

From 2018, teachers of the department have joined the educational process in the implementation of this project and teach the discipline “English for Business” in the specialty “Internet technology, WEB design and English for business”.

The project is expected to be implemented by 2022.

Social work as a “seismograph” of social change and needs

The project was implemented in 2018-2019 in partnership with the University of Applied Sciences of St. Gallen (Switzerland), and with the involvement of specialists and students of Gomel P.O. Sukhoi State Technical University (Belarus).

10 students and 7 educational-scientific workers of CPNU took part in the summer school, which included a symposium “Social work as a “seismograph” of social change”, a series of excursions to Swiss institutions working in the social sphere, and group work of students to prepare final presentations on the research, which they conducted throughout the year in collaboration with Swiss students. Teachers of the Department of Foreign Languages for specific Purposes worked closely with the Department of Social Work in the implementation of this project, acting as co-coordinators and translators.

Teaching Excellence Programme

In 2021, the Department joined the project within the program of the British Council “Teaching Excellence Programme”. Associate Professor, Hanna Dyvnych has been chosen as a member of the team that will be trained in the program and will work on the creation of the Center for Teaching Excellence in CPNU.

We invite you to watch the video from the first workshop conducted by the project team for teachers of Chernihiv Polytechnic National University.

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